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CDC Releases New Mask Guidance for Fully Vaccinated People

Posted by Argentum on July 27, 2021

The CDC updated its mask guidance today for people who are fully vaccinated in the general public. Guidance for healthcare professionals remains unchanged at this time. The CDC now recommends wearing a mask indoors in any of these conditions:

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Now Open: Provider Relief Fund Reporting Portal

Posted by Argentum on July 1, 2021

As of today, July 1, the Provider Relief Fund (PRF) Reporting Portal is now open. Providers that received one or more payments exceeding $10,000, in the aggregate, during a Payment Received Period are required to report on the use of funds. PRF recipients must only use payments for eligible expenses, including services rendered, and lost revenues attributable to coronavirus before the deadline that corresponds to the relevant Payment Received Period. Providers who are required to report during Reporting Period 1 have until September 30, 2021 to enter the Portal and submit their information. All recipients of PRF payments must comply with the reporting requirements described in the Terms and Conditions.

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CDC Publishes Updated Guidance for Fully Vaccinated Residents, Workers in Assisted Living

Posted by Argentum on April 28, 2021

Yesterday, the CDC published updated guidance calling for prioritization of visitation, dining, and a re-opening of group activities in assisted living communities. This guidance, which also includes recommendations for discontinuation of routine testing for asymptomatic staff, follows a series of discussions where Argentum advocated for such guidance specifically for the assisted living sector. We thank those at the CDC for listening to the industry's needs and for the volunteers at Argentum for sharing their expertise in helping to shape this guidance.

“This is tremendously welcome news for residents and families who’ve long awaited meaningful engagement with each other," said James Balda, Argentum president & CEO. "Both visitation and dining are core socialization activities at our communities; lifting restrictions for those fully vaccinated will continue to support social enrichment for residents and families. We are thankful that resident vaccination rates across the industry are exceedingly high and that a sense of normalcy is returning. At Argentum, we are continuing to work closely with the CDC to ensure further guidance is adapted for assisted living and other senior living communities.”
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Expiration Date Extended on BinaxNOW Tests

Posted by Argentum on April 16, 2021

Users of the BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card are urged to check the lot numbers and expiration dates of their tests. Abbott has informed users that further testing has authorized use of some tests up to nine months, three months beyond the original expiration dates.

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Argentum Releases Visitation Guidance for Vaccinated Senior Living Communities

Posted by Argentum on March 26, 2021

Visitation is essential to the health and well-being of senior living residents. Argentum's latest guidance, "Model Visitation Protocols For Vaccinated Senior Living Communities," provides protocols, considerations, and general practices designed specifically for visitation in the variety of spaces and circumstances in senior living communities. This guidance was compiled by clinical experts, risk managers, and other stakeholders who have in-depth knowledge of senior living. 

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CDC Releases Guidance for Safe Visitation in Long-Term Care

Posted by Argentum on March 11, 2021

The CDC has updated its infection prevention and control recommendations for fully vaccinated people in healthcare settings. These include recommendations for safe visitation in long-term care communities, as well as updated guidance on work restrictions and quarantine for fully vaccinated healthcare providers and residents in healthcare settings.

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CDC Releases Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People

Posted by Argentum on March 8, 2021

Today, the CDC has released the first set of public health recommendations for those who are fully vaccinated. This guidance will be updated and expanded as more information becomes available.

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Press Release: Congress Fails Seniors and Caregivers in COVID Relief Package

Posted by Argentum on March 4, 2021

(Alexandria, Va.) -- Seniors and their caregivers will be left behind in a $1.9 trillion rescue package that Congress is expected to pass this weekend. Last week, the only proposed funds to support long-term care providers in the American Rescue Plan were eliminated due to “jurisdictional issues,” prior to the House advancing it to the Senate. Now, as the Senate is poised to pass their version of the legislation, the anticipated final package fails to provide any dedicated relief to senior living communities that have been on the front lines, despite their pleas.

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FDA Issues EUA for Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine

Posted by Argentum on February 27, 2021

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) for the single-dose Janssen COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. This authorization suggests that the benefits outweigh its risks for use in individuals 18 of age or older and permits the vaccine to be distributed in the U.S., making it the third vaccine available in the country.

“After a thorough analysis of the data, the FDA’s scientists and physicians have determined that the vaccine meets the FDA’s expectations for safety and effectiveness appropriate for the authorization of a vaccine for emergency use,” said Peter Marks, M.D., Ph.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.
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Press Release: Seniors and Caregivers Continue to be Overlooked in COVID-19 Relief Negotiations

Posted by Argentum on February 12, 2021

Now a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of assisted living facilities are still waiting for federal COVID-19 relief, and for over half of them, closures are imminent, according to a recent Argentum member survey. They have faced over $15 billion in increased expenses and lost revenue, and these figures are increasing substantially each month. Meanwhile, provisions in the current COVID-19 relief package negotiated in the House of Representatives fall woefully short in protecting these seniors and caregivers.

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