Updated Booster Shot Prevents a Majority of COVID Hospitalizations in Older Adults


New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released on Dec. 16 show the updated COVID-19 booster shot effective at keeping older adults out of the hospital.

Reported by NBC News, the fresh government findings come as COVID cases rise amid holiday gatherings and more extensive travel, setting up for a renewed surge in cases as winter officially starts ahead of the Christmas and New Year’s breaks.

To combat the possibility of this fresh wave of cases, the first study offers evidence there is something to be done to lessen the chances of severe illness, with the research showing the boosters are more than 80% effective at preventing hospitalizations in adults ages 65 and up.

This is the first real-world data from U.S. researchers to look at how well the shot fares against hospitalization among older adults. The second study found similar benefits.

Topics: Vaccine

Written by Argentum

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