CDC Outlines Steps Being Taken to Get More Boosters to LTC Residents

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) noted that with the rising number of respiratory diseases affecting the nation as winter progresses, it is important for long-term care operators to encourage more residents to receive the updated (bivalent) COVID-19 boosters.

Data cited by the agency said adults aged 65 and older continue to have the highest COVID-19-related mortality rates, and those in that age cohort who are unvaccinated are most prone to die.

Adults ages 85 years and older remain at particularly high risk of dying of COVID-19. “The proportion of COVID-19–related deaths accounted for by adults in this age group increased during April–September 2022 from 28% to around 40% of COVID-19–related deaths,” CDC said.

To remedy the problem of not enough older Americans taking the latest boosters, CDC said it is doing the following:

  • CDC is creating COVID-19 vaccine sub-provider agreements to allow LTC facilities that are not directly enrolled as providers in the CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program to access COVID-19 vaccine doses through enrolled pharmacy providers for direct administration by the LTC facilities to their residents and staff. See Long Term Care Facilities Enrolling in CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program | CDC for more information.  
  • Use of single-dose vials: HHS has approved the use of single-dose vials of Pfizer vaccine for the core LTC pharmacy partners to improve access. 
  • Data reporting flexibilities: HHS will move forward and grant a 90-day temporary waiver of data reporting requirements to the state/local immunization information system (IIS), unless required by state laws. More information related to this reporting can be found at: LTCF | Weekly HCP & Resident COVID-19 Vaccination |NHSN | CDC.
  • Alternative vaccine providers: Working with LTC facilities and partners to consider emergency medical technicians (EMTs) or home health agencies, who are COVID-19 providers, to provide onsite vaccinations.
  • Strike Teams: Engaging with interested state health officials to develop “Strike Team” efforts in LTC facilities. 
  • Communications: CDC and HHS will accelerate and saturate messaging, data, and communications toward these facilities.

To keep updated on the latest developments from the CDC on COVID-19 matters, please see Stay Up to Date with COVID-19 Vaccines Including Boosters.

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Written by Argentum

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