Take Action and Join Us in Standing with Seniors Today

Attention Argentum Advocates! We are calling on you to join us in our Standing With Seniors letter-writing campaign, urging Congress to prioritize seniors and their caregivers in the next COVID-19 relief package.

As you may know, President Biden and leaders in Congress are working quickly to pass a COVID-19 relief package. While they negotiate the details, it is critically important that they hear from constituents across the country that seniors—those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19—and their caregivers must remain priority number one for vaccines, PPE and testing, and financial relief.

Below you will find links to join us in our letter-writing campaign. Pre-written letters are available from a variety of perspectives: residents, family members, community staff, and other advocates. Sending a letter takes less than a minute, all that is needed is to enter your contact information to match with your lawmakers and click “submit letter.” And the best part is that this is mobile-friendly, so take action from your phone, iPad, or other device!


Senior Care Advocates Community Staff
Family Members Residents

We need to make our voices heard on Capitol Hill. Once you take action, please share the links to the letters with five other senior living advocates and ask them to share with five more. The more people we have calling attention to the urgent needs of seniors the better for getting this message heard.



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